COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Agro-input suppliers limited

Partnership period: July 2020 - July 2021

Country: Malawi

ACHIEVEMENTS: Agro-Input Suppliers Limited will pivot its business model to ensure that smallholder farmers can access improved inputs by selling more than 100 tons of legume seed and 50,000 sachets of Nitrofix inoculant to smallholder customers.

PURPOSE: With the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Agro-Input Suppliers Limited, like many other agribusinesses, has struggled to maintain operations and growth. Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation will work with Agro-Input Suppliers Limited to ensure that the company continues to support and sell to smallholder farmers, create jobs, and drive economic growth during and after the pandemic.

APPROACH: In response to the immediate and long-lasting impacts of the pandemic, Agro-Input Suppliers Limited will pivot its business model by piloting new marketing strategies and investing in new operational tools. The company will launch a new marketing strategy that eliminates the need for in-person events to promote products to smallholder customers. Agro-Input Suppliers Limited will also pilot new operational tools that will allow them to better track sales, inventory, distribution, and orders as well as to improve responsiveness to the changing demands of customers during shocks and stressors.

This partnership is a follow-on to Partnering for Innovation’s previous work with Agro-Input Suppliers Limited in Malawi from 2015 to 2017. Read more about our previous partnership here.