Our Approach

USAID, global and local agribusinesses, impact investors, farmers, universities, technology companies, financial institutions, foundations, NGOs, and governments …

They’re involved because with Partnering for Innovation you can:

Grow Your Business

Reduce market entry risk and increase the ability to commercialize agricultural products and services all along the supply chain.

“Partnering for Innovation opened a path for us and laid out the whole project in front of us. We could not have asked for more.”

— Eduardo Mendías, Senior Global Development Manager, Sustainable Agriculture, Toro Ag


Do well by doing good

Increase global food security and economic opportunity.

“Thanks to Popoyán, I feel so much better using biopesticides. I don’t come home with headaches, and I don’t worry about getting chemicals on me or my family members.”

— Diego Pulux, tomato farmer in Sacapulas, Guatemala


Invest with lasting impact

Cultivate profitable farms that support emerging market economies.

“Partnering for Innovation supported MKA and Moana with not only funding but also technical help — at a time when progress was hard, and failure was possible.”

 — Main Uddin Ahmad, Owner, MKA Hatchery


Advance your organization's mission

Apply our approach to achieve your program goals.

I really must say that setting this up as a milestone-based contract worked very well for both the project activities and project administration. Thank you so much for your support and for making this very manageable — a project manager’s dream!”

— Brigitta Nyawiri, Grameen Foundation in Kenya


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Farmer Stories

Partnering for Innovation’s goal is to increase food security and provide economic opportunities in emerging markets. Meet some of the individuals who have been impacted by this program.