ATEC* Biodigesters International


Partnership Period: January 2019 – January 2022

Country: Cambodia

ACHIEVEMENTS: ATEC* Biodigesters International aims to sell 3,000 biodigester packages and train 66,000 farmers on good agricultural practices, including fertilizer use and crop diversification.

PURPOSE: Produce, sell, and distribute small-scale biodigesters to convert animal manure into organic fertilizer that improves soil health and agricultural yields. Simultaneously, the biodigester will produce biogas for cooking, which reduces farmers’ dependence on firewood, prevents deforestation, and addresses kitchen air pollution.

APPROACH: ATEC* will manufacture, sell, and distribute its biodigester across 12 provinces in Cambodia. The biodigesters will produce biogas for cooking and high-quality organic fertilizer. ATEC* will address Cambodia’s rapid deforestation rates by marketing the biodigester as a replacement for costly wood-burning cooking methods, and improve soil health and crop productivity by promoting use of organic fertilizer. To reach its sales goal, ATEC* will pilot a payment system to directly finance the biodigester package for qualified smallholder farmers.