Road to Recovery

KEy Findings from follow-up COVID-19 Partner Survey

For Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation’s agribusiness partners, 2020 began much as it did for entrepreneurs anywhere: ambitious plans to grow sales, reach new customers, or perhaps launch new products and services. Just a few months into the year, however, any sense of optimism shifted to shock and upheaval as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded around the world. 

After launching our May 2020 survey to assess the immediate economic impacts of COVID-19, Partnering for Innovation recently reconnected to our global network of 65 partners in 24 countries.

Our follow-up survey, conducted in November 2020, provides valuable insights from forty of these partners – working across 18 countries and 4 agribusiness sectors – about the performance of their businesses during a six-month period between May and October 2020 in five key operational areas: production; sales; workforce; liquidity and financing; and decision-making.

Our partners’ responses offer cautious optimism: many of them are slowly, but surely, rebounding. Their experiences reflect tenacity, agility, and creativity as they strive to overcome unprecedented market challenges.

Download the Follow-up COVID-19 Partner Survey Infographic (PDF) here.

See below for key findings and read our Medium article for a more in-depth discussion.