COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Good Nature

Partnership Period: August 2020 – July 2021

Country: Zambia

ACHIEVEMENTS: Good Nature (Good Nature Agro), a for-profit social enterprise, will ensure continued access to high-quality legume seed for smallholder farmers in Zambia during the pandemic by digitizing operations and improving last-mile logistics. As a result, the company will sell 300 metric tons (MT) of high-quality legume seed to 7,000 smallholder farmers.

PURPOSE: With the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Good Nature, like many other agribusinesses, has struggled to maintain operations and growth. Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation will work with Good Nature to ensure that the company continues to support smallholder farmers, create jobs, and drive economic growth during and after the pandemic.

APPROACH: In response to the immediate and long-lasting impacts of the pandemic, Good Nature will expand use of technology to engage and support smallholder farmer customers. The company will digitize farmer payments and trainings, strengthen use of a customer relationship management system, and improve last-mile logistics to widen its reach in eastern and central Zambia, with the aim of selling 300 MT of high-quality legume seed to 7,000 smallholder farmers.

This partnership is a follow-on to Partnering for Innovation’s previous work with Good Nature in Zambia from 2017 to 2018. Read more about our previous partnership here.