Meet the 2021 Growing Women’s Entrepreneurship (GroWE) Award Winner

We are proud to announce that Hadija Jabiri, Founder and Managing Director of EatFresh, is the recipient of the 2021 Feed the Future Growing Women’s Entrepreneurship (GroWE) award through the Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation program.

Hadija is a Tanzania-based entrepreneur with ambitious plans for her company EatFresh, a horticultural business specializing in growing, processing, packaging, and selling high-value fruits and vegetables.

The GroWE award aims to address the challenges faced by women-owned or operated businesses in emerging markets and help accelerate their growth. Recipients are women entrepreneurs like Hadija who are leading promising agribusiness ventures and creating reliable market opportunities for smallholder farmers from whom they source.

As this year’s GroWE award winner, Hadija will have the opportunity to design and receive a suite of business development support services she identifies as most valuable for taking her company to the next level.