International Development Enterprises (iDE)

Partnership Period: February 2020 – September 2021

Country: Mozambique

ACHIEVEMENTS: International Development Enterprises (iDE) will provide 2,000 farmers in two provinces of Mozambique with improved access to inputs from eight commercial input suppliers and 20 rural agrodealers.

PURPOSE: Strengthen the private sector agricultural input market to ensure the sustainability of humanitarian aid efforts that enable smallholder farmers to recover from the devastation of two recent cyclones and to build resilience to future weather-related shocks.

APPROACH: iDE will strengthen linkages between commercial input suppliers, rural agrodealers, and smallholder farmers to support the sustainability of linkages initiated as part of an input voucher/cash transfer agricultural fair program implemented in response to post-cyclone recovery efforts. A series of market and field days will be held to enable farmers to make informed decisions about how to use input vouchers. Farmers will learn about various types of inputs available, participate in demonstrations, and gain technical knowledge from advisory services. iDE will leverage market relationships forged at the fairs to build incentives and capacity for input suppliers and agrodealers to reach underserved rural “last-mile” farmers affected by the cyclones.