COVID-19 Pandemic Response



Partnership period: July 2020 - July 2021

Country: Nigeria

ACHIEVEMENTS: ReelFruit (Nature Bountry’s Health Products), the largest dried fruits and nuts packaging and distribution business in Nigeria, will process and sell 4,000 tons of new, processed fruit and nut products. The majority of these raw products will be sourced from smallholder farmers.

PURPOSE: With the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic, ReelFruit, like many other agribusinesses, has struggled to maintain operations and growth. Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation will work with ReelFruit to ensure that the company continues to support smallholder farmers, create jobs, and drive economic growth during and after the pandemic.

APPROACH: In response to the immediate and long-lasting impacts of the pandemic, ReelFruit will adapt its business model by diversifying its products and expanding into new markets, particularly in the business-to-business sector that depends less on direct in-person contact with consumers. The company will continue to process fruit sourced from smallholders that would otherwise go to waste, providing these farmers with a reliable market for their fruit, reducing their postharvest loss, and enabling them to earn additional revenue. In turn, ReelFruit will process this fruit into high-value, processed snack products, including dried fruit and nuts packages.

ReelFruit was a recipient of the 2018 Feed the Future Accelerating Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) Prize in recognition of its promising business venture. As a winner, ReelFruit received a package of acceleration services through Partnering for Innovation to help advance the growth of the company.