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Success Factors for Commercializing Agricultural Research: Lessons From Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation

This report lays out eight success factors for commercializing products that were developed by publicly funded research institutions. It is intended to guide researchers at agricultural research institutions as they seek to commercialize innovative products, services, or technologies that were developed through publicly funded research, in order to benefit smallholder farmers. The report is based on the experience of Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation in multiple countries where it has invested in commercializing products that were developed by CGIAR Centers, US universities, and non-US universities.

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Designing Agricultural Research that Leads to Commercialization: Recommendations for USAID

This study looks at engagement strategies for donors to consider when funding agriculture research. Such discussions are important as we work to better leverage commercial pathways for scaling research that benefits food security in communities were USAID operates.


Partnering for Innovation hosted a webinar on March 12, 2019, to go over the recommendations and key takeaways of this event. Read more here.

Companion Guides

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Success Factors for Commercializing Agricultural Research: Companion Guide for Project Managers

This guide is intended for project managers working on agricultural research commercialization projects. It lays out how project managers can contribute to the success of research commercialization projects.


Research to Commercialization: Viewing the Smallholder Farmer as a Customer

This guide is intended to help researchers and funders understand how companies conduct marketing and how researchers can incorporate that into the research process.


Research to Commercialization: The "D" in "R&D:" Understanding the Development Process

This guide shows why donors developing commercialization projects for products developed in research institutions need to involve the private sector early on in the product development process.