COVID-19 Pandemic Response


Stewards Globe

Partnership Period: August 2020 – July 2021

Country: Zambia

ACHIEVEMENTS: Stewards Globe will launch a new business model and scale-up existing use of a digital management platform to reach 20,000 smallholder farmers with 200 metric tons of improved seed varieties of cereals and legumes.

PURPOSE: With the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Stewards Globe, like many other agribusinesses, has struggled to maintain operations and growth. Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation will work with Stewards Globe to ensure that the company continues to support and sell to smallholder farmers, create jobs, and drive economic growth during and after the pandemic.

APPROACH: Stewards Globe will re-envision its business model to reflect the movement restrictions and health concerns of COVID-19. To lessen reliance on in-person events to drive sales, Stewards Globe will establish 20 new retail shops in rural areas through which they will market products directly to smallholder farmers. These “one-stop” shops will enable Stewards Globe to reach untapped markets and add new customers, particularly farmers located far from market centers with few options to source quality seeds and inputs. To support the new shops, Stewards Globe will expand its current use of a digital management platform to effectively manage inventory, track sales, and geo-tag transactions in real-time.

This partnership is a follow-on to Partnering for Innovation’s previous work with Stewards Globe from 2016 to 2018. Read more about our previous partnership here.