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Store It Cold

Partnership period: January 2016 – August 2018

Countries: Guatemala and Honduras

ACHIEVEMENTS: The CoolBot helps increase incomes for smallholder farmers by providing reliable cold storage for exporters and associations that source from them. As many as 48,150 smallholder farmers in Guatemala and Honduras benefited from the increased availability of affordable cold storage during this partnership.

PURPOSE: Commercialize Store It Cold’s CoolBot, the only low-cost alternative to traditional refrigeration in Central America, because cold storage has been too expensive for exporters who source from smallholder farmers.

APPROACH: The CoolBot attaches to a standard air conditioner to regulate and control the temperature of an insulated room, extending shelf life, maintaining quality, and reducing rejection rates for horticultural crops. Store It Cold worked with PartnerHero, a Honduras-based consultancy business, to establish in country operations and hire knowledgeable and well-trained local staff with an understanding of the market and customers. In Guatemala, Store It Cold signed a distribution agreement with a Guatemalan business, Industrias Servin, to handle its sales of cold store rooms and refrigerated trucks. Store It Cold has also held two launch events and provided 24 demonstrations with its mobile cold storage unit, reaching nearly 1,000 potential customers in Honduras and Guatemala who work in agricultural sectors.