A Decade of Transformational Impact



75 partnerships in 24 countries

More than 1.7 million smallholder farmer customers

$133 million in sales to smallholder farmers


Celebrating a Decade of Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation

Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation will come to a close on March 31, 2022. We're proud of our track record in helping our partners around the world target the smallholder famer market segment by reimagining their business strategies, launching new products, and finding a way forward in the face of unexpected shocks and unprecedented challenges.

Our partnerships have improved the productivity, incomes, and lives of millions of farmers. We’re thankful to the commercial companies that worked with us, the expert consultants who provided hands-on technical assistance, the dozens of individuals who worked as Partnering for Innovation staff, and USAID for funding and supporting this work.

Going forward, we invite you to visit the Partnering for Innovation Agrilinks Activity page to explore the many resources developed by the program during the past decade.