Partnership Period: January 2019 – February 2021

Country: Mozambique

ACHIEVEMENTS: Adicional will expand its logistics and distribution network to transport 2,000 tons of agricultural commodities produced by smallholder farmers, increase the volume of agricultural inputs it distributes to rural areas by 120 percent, and benefit 60,000 farmers.

PURPOSE: Adicional will increase the availability of affordable and quality agricultural inputs among smallholder farmers in remote areas and increase the sales of their harvested products to local processors by supporting aggregation through commercial hubs.

APPROACH: Adicional will establish three new hubs consisting of commercial warehouses to create supply and distribution routes in rural areas. These routes will be used to attract clients who want to distribute their agricultural inputs for sale to rural Mozambique or to source agricultural commodities from those areas to use in value-added processing. By warehousing, grouping, and ensuring distribution both into and from rural areas, Adicional will increase the availability of affordable, high-quality inputs for rural farmers while also giving them a commercial market for their crops.