Partnership period: May 2014 – November 2015

Country: Zambia

ACHIEVEMENTS: The partnership raised awareness of improved postharvest storage options for smallholder farmers by installing demonstration units for small-scale grain silos.

PURPOSE: Provide better postharvest storage solutions to Zambian smallholder farmers, who produce 80 percent of the country’s domestically consumed maize but lose up to 30 percent of their maize due to inadequate handling and storage practices. Better storage increases the farmers’ ability to sell their grain for higher prices at a later time.

APPROACH: Through the Bags2Bulk project, AGCO worked with local distributor GSI Africa during the program partnership to sell small-scale metal grain storage silos to village-based grain traders who lease storage to smallholder farmers. The partnership also installed demonstration units with aggregators, providing a direct relationship between farmers and the market, and AGCO provided training on equipment operation and the grain management business.