Agri Seedco Limited

Partnership period: April 2019 – February 2021

Country: Kenya

ACHIEVEMENTS: Agri Seedco will produce and sell 310 tons of improved sorghum seed to smallholder farmers.

PURPOSE: Introduce two new sorghum varieties to the Kenyan market that are drought-resistant, reach maturity faster than traditional sorghum varieties, and are more resilient than maize.

APPROACH: Agri Seedco will increase smallholder farmers’ resilience to climate change and environmental shocks by introducing two new varieties of sorghum seed. Sorghum is an alternative to maize production for Kenyan farmers because it is less prone to pests, and because of its popularity as an ingredient to enrich ugali, a popular staple. To promote the improved seed varieties and grow demand, Agri Seedco will establish demonstration plots and hold farmer field days to train smallholders on sorghum production and postharvest handling, strengthen farmer group linkages, and facilitate access to inputs and markets.