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Agrico Ukraine

Partnership period: August 2015 – August 2017

Country: Ukraine

ACHIEVEMENTS: Agrico Ukraine more than tripled its storage capacity to 4,250 tons of high-quality seed potatoes during the program partnership, leading to 543 farmers purchasing seeds and increasing potato yields by 30 percent. Agrico increased its revenue by 50 percent.

PURPOSE: Increase the use of fresh, certified seed among small and medium-size farms in Ukraine, one of the world’s largest producers of potatoes. Most of these farms use old, noncertified seed, and the seed potato market is characterized by poor infrastructure and high prices that limit their access to high-quality planting materials.

APPROACH: Agrico produces and stores high-quality potato seed for sale to small and medium-scale farmers. It also provides them with training and support in effective planting, cultivation, and harvesting.