Babban Gona

Partnership period: May 2016 – July 2018

Country: Nigeria

ACHIEVEMENTS: A total of 25,039 smallholder farmers were formalized into cooperatives with collective new incomes of $2 million.

PURPOSE: Help rectify smallholder farmers’ low economies of scale to increase their access to the credit required to purchase agricultural inputs, improve their access to appropriate information on best practices to optimize yields, and increase their ability to delay the sale of produce to attain a higher price as the product value appreciates postharvest.

APPROACH: Babban Gona formed smallholder farmer cooperatives called trust groups for maize, rice, and soybean farmers as part of the program partnership. Babban Gona provided member farmers with services designed to optimize crop yields, production costs, and prices of agricultural outputs, thereby increasing profitability and improving household food security and livelihoods.