Partnership period: March 2019 – February 2021

Country: Nigeria

ACHIEVEMENTS: ColdHubs aims to establish 20 new cold rooms in 10 new sites with the potential to improve the resilience of 2,000 beneficiaries and save approximately 22,000 tons of food from spoilage per year.

PURPOSE: Expand ColdHubs’ network to introduce affordable cold storage near farms and markets to allow farmers to better respond to shocks and stressors, reduce high rates of food spoilage, and increase smallholder incomes.

APPROACH: ColdHubs aims to establish 10 new hubs with 20 new cold rooms capable of cold storing fresh produce from local farmers. Each hub will operate in a pay-as-you-go basis, allowing smallholder access at an affordable price. ColdHubs will facilitate workshops to educate farmers and vendors on best practices in food storage that extend shelf life to maximize incomes. By raising awareness at the community level, ColdHubs will encourage farmers to take advantage of cold rooms in marketplaces and near farms to make farmers and supply chains more resilient.