Export Marketing Company Limited

Partnership period: January 2015 – May 2018

Country: Mozambique

ACHIEVEMENTS: More than 60,000 smallholder farmers accessed storage facilities, market opportunities, quality inputs, mobile data, and mechanized equipment during the program partnership.

PURPOSE: Strengthen the agro-input market and increase the number of commercial offtakers in order to free smallholder farmers from being forced to sell through a network of traders, which results in low returns for their crops and insufficient earnings to reinvest in their production systems.

APPROACH: Export Marketing Company Limited provided farmers with storage facilities, market opportunities, quality inputs, and small-scale equipment rental through state-of-the art retail hubs. Each hub consists of an agro-input retailer, farm equipment dealer, and warehouse facility. The hubs allow smallholder farmers to sell or store maize and beans free of charge for 90 days. The hubs also provide currently unavailable seeds, fertilizers, and pest control products. Another partner, Techno Brain, provided smallholders with a mobile platform that delivers weather forecasts, commodity pricing, pest control advice, and other useful information.