Photo by Grameen Foundation, Joseph Gachoka

Photo by Grameen Foundation, Joseph Gachoka

Grameen Foundation and Musoni

Partnership period: February 2016 – June 2017

Country: Kenya

ACHIEVEMENTS: Musoni disbursed $5.3 million in new loans and reached nearly 14,000 new loan recipients during the program partnership. As the Kilimo Booster loan product increases in profitability for Musoni, the business is looking to expand its activities in other regions of Kenya.

PURPOSE: Expand Kilimo Booster, a loan tailored specifically for smallholder farmers with flexible terms and a customizable grace period based on the farmer’s seasonal cash flow.

APPROACH: Grameen Foundation supported the sustainable growth of Musoni’s Kilimo Booster loan for smallholder farmers by developing a software that streamlined the loan application process, shortened the approval and disbursement turnaround time, and increased Musoni’s profitability by reaching a greater market share of smallholder borrowers.