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Hello Tractor

Partnership period: June 2016 – July 2018

Country: Nigeria

ACHIEVEMENTS: During the program partnership, 24,500 smallholder farmers will access tractor services; 50 youth entrepreneurs will be trained in the business of owning a fleet of Smart Tractors; and 15 youth technicians will be trained to repair Smart Tractors to provide tractor owners with timely maintenance.

PURPOSE: Increase access to mechanization. A majority of Nigerian smallholder farmers, who make up more than 70 percent of the total farming population, do not have access to mechanization that would make farming more efficient.

APPROACH: Hello Tractor designed a versatile Smart Tractor to serve farmers throughout the farm production cycle. Each tractor is fitted with a GPS antenna, local SIM card, hard drive, and telematics capabilities, enabling Hello Tractor to pair farmers in need of services with a Smart Tractor owner nearby. Smallholders can access affordable tractor services to increase their productivity, while Smart Tractor owners are given the opportunity to earn additional income with their machine.