Changing the landscape for investing in agriculture in emerging markets


59 partnerships

More than 1.4 million smallholder farmer customers

$65 million in sales to smallholder farmers


Partnering for Innovation helps businesses access a hard-to-reach agribusiness market that has more than 500 million potential customers, while giving smallholder farmers access to agricultural products and services that boost their income and food production.


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Adopt or adapt our market-driven approach for your own projects or partnerships. Learn how you can apply best practices in entering emerging agricultural markets.

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Our Approach

We share upfront costs with our partners, while our staff provides know-how and strives to strengthen every link in the agricultural supply chain.

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Our Success

The program has helped 50 partners enter emerging and underserved markets in 17 countries, engaging with more than 1 million smallholder farmers as customers, suppliers, and entrepreneurs.

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