Arrival of Toro Kit in Zambia 2.jpg

iDE, with Toro

Partnership period: September 2013 – February 2015

Countries: Zambia

ACHIEVEMENTS: MRI AGRO Zambia Limited, which has 580 local agricultural supply shops, purchased 500 drip irrigation kits from Toro and sold more than 200 of them to smallholder farmers.

PURPOSE: Commercialize a small-scale drip irrigation kit for sale to Zambian farmers, so that farm productivity and returns will not be limited by unpredictable and inefficient water delivery to their fields.

APPROACH: Working with iDE during the program partnership and using human-centered design, Toro incorporated smallholder feedback to redesign the kit to support 500-square-meter plots. iDE, a nonprofit with two decades of experience working with Zambian smallholder farmers, also enlisted its extensive networks to promote the Toro-branded drip irrigation package to local suppliers and distributors. This paved the way for Toro to team up with private retailer MRI AGRO Zambia Limited to offer the drip kits to the farmers along with quality seed, chemicals, and extension services.