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Mercy Corps, with Rana Labs

Partnership period: March 2016 – August 2018

Country: Guatemala

ACHIEVEMENTS: 1,020 youth will access savings and loan groups, and 1,500 youths will engage in formal discussions on technical and social topics, during the program partnership.

PURPOSE: Organize savings and loan groups for Guatemalan youth, providing access to formal credit that can increase their ability to generate income.

APPROACH: Through its AgriJoven project, Mercy Corps is engaging youths in formal discussions on agronomic and social topics and will encourage them to purchase agricultural technologies that will help them improve on-farm productivity. Rana Labs, a digital media agency, will train youths on video production using smartphone technology to provide mobile extension services and promote the savings and loan groups. Ultimately, these groups are also connected to exporters like Fair-Fruit, providing them with an end market for their product.