Moana Technologies

Partnership period: March 2014 - March 2016

Country: Bangladesh

ACHIEVEMENTS: Through its partnership with Moana, MKA Hatchery sold 53.6 million disease-free shrimp to 1,075 smallholder farmers at a value of $304,471 during the program partnership. With strong sales and increasing production continuing after the end of the partnership in March 2016, MKA sold an additional 150 million shrimp to 3,000 farmers by September 2016.

PURPOSE:Introduce disease-free black tiger shrimp broodstock into Bangladesh through MKA Hatchery, which can sell the offspring to the country’s smallholder shrimp farmers. The farmers can grow these juvenile shrimp more than twice as fast as they can grow wild shrimp, and the higher-quality shrimp command a significantly higher price than other varieties in the export market.

APPROACH: Moana identified a mutually invested partner in Bangladesh, MKA Hatchery, that shared Moana’s vision and belief in the potential of specific pathogen-free shrimp to transform the Bangladesh shrimp market. Moana provided technicians to upgrade MKA’s production, biosecurity, and distribution facilities to create a hygienic product and distribution system for the shrimp.