Partnership period: March 2017 – December 2019

Country: Zambia

ACHIEVEMENTS: MRI-Syngenta is setting up 20 seedling production and propagation facilities that are owned and operated by entrepreneurial young plant raisers, who will conduct extension, training, and marketing field days for more than 12,000 smallholder farmers.

PURPOSE: Meet the rising demand in Zambia for horticultural products. By growing and promoting hybrid seed, MRI-Syngenta is also addressing a lack of quality seed availability and the understanding among farmers of the value of using hybrid seed, increasing farmer productivity and incomes.

APPROACH: MRI-Syngenta is using the program partnership to build a lasting seedling production and distribution model for horticultural crops. MRI-Syngenta is supplying young entrepreneurs with everything they need to be successful, from greenhouse equipment to proper soil for seedlings. In exchange for the equipment and training provided, the entrepreneurs commit to buying MRI-Syngenta products exclusively for five years, allowing MRI-Syngenta to recover its costs and grow its market.