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Animal Health & Productivity

Partner: Moana Technologies

Country: Bangladesh

Program Partnership Period: March 2014 – March 2016

Successes: Through its partnership with Moana, MKA Hatchery sold 53.6 million disease-free shrimp to 1,075 smallholder farmers at a value of $304,471 during the program partnership. With strong sales and increasing production continuing after the end of the partnership in March 2016, MKA had sold 150 million shrimp to 3,000 farmers by September 2016. 


Purpose: Introduce disease-free black tiger shrimp broodstock into Bangladesh through MKA Hatchery, which can sell the offspring to the country’s smallholder shrimp farmers. The farmers can grow these juvenile shrimp more than twice as fast as they can grow wild shrimp, and the higher-quality shrimp command a significantly higher price than other varieties in the export market.

Approach: Moana identified a mutually invested partner in Bangladesh, MKA Hatchery, that shared Moana’s vision and its belief in the potential of specific pathogen-free shrimp to transform the Bangladesh shrimp market. Moana provided technicians to upgrade MKA’s production, biosecurity, and distribution facilities to create a hygienic product and a distribution system for the shrimp.


Improved Inputs & Production

Partner: Agro-Input Suppliers Limited

Country: Malawi

Program Partnership Period: November 2015 – November 2017

Successes: Agro-Input Supplies Limited (AISL) sold 557,000 packets of Nitrofix to about 80,000 smallholder farmers, resulting in more than $200,000 in sales. 



Purpose: Use the program partnership’s two-year time period to commercialize Nitrofix, a legume inoculant that contains rhizobia bacteria that boost legumes’ natural nitrogen fixation.

Approach: To increase the availability and proper use of Nitrofix, AISL sold the product through 25 agrodealers. It also set up 116 demonstration plots and organized 50 farmer field days to show the difference between soybeans planted with and without Nitrofix.


Information & Communications Technology

Partner: Twiga Foods

Country: Kenya

Program Partnership Period: March 2017 – August 2018

Successes: Twiga will increase the number of smallholder farmers from which it sources by 7,500.


Purpose: Use a mobile business-to-business (B2B) platform to connect smallholder vegetable farmers to informal urban produce markets and enhance the supply chains that link them.

Approach: Twiga is expanding its network of rural collection centers, where it aggregates produce from smallholder farmers, from eight centers to 33 during the program partnership. This expansion will provide a market for more farmers and offer urban vendors better, more affordable produce to sell. Twiga’s innovative B2B platform generates rich data that will further improve its processes. Twiga hopes to replicate its model in other African cities that have suboptimal supply chains for fresh produce from rural smallholder farmers.


Access to Finance & insurance

Partner: Grameen Foundation and Musoni

Country: Kenya

Program Partnership Period: February 2016 – June 2017

Successes: Musoni disbursed about $5.3 million in new loans and reached nearly 14,000 new loan recipients during the program partnership. As the Kilimo Booster loan product increases in profitability for Musoni, the business is looking into how to expand its activities in other regions of Kenya.


Purpose: Expand Kilimo Booster, a loan tailored specifically for smallholder farmers with flexible terms and a customizable grace period based on the farmer’s seasonal cash flow.

Approach: Grameen Foundation supported the sustainable growth of Musoni’s Kilimo Booster loan for smallholder farmers by developing a software that streamlined the loan application process, shortened the approval and disbursement turnaround time, and increased Musoni’s profitability by reaching a greater market share of smallholder borrowers.

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Water Resource Management

Partner: Driptech

Country: India

Program Partnership Period: July 2013 – November 2014

Successes: More than 1,779 Instakits were sold to Indian, sub-Saharan African, and other farmers during the program partnership, contributing to yield increases of 50 percent and labor savings of 80 percent. Driptech is now expanding into African markets.


Purpose: Commercialize the Instakit, a small-scale drip irrigation system.

Approach: Driptech worked with vegetable export businesses, local distributors, and import businesses. The system is affordable and customizable, and farmers can install these half-acre and one-acre drip irrigation systems in less than three hours.


Postharvest Processing & Storage

Partner: Store It Cold

Country: Guatemala

Program Partnership Period: January 2016 – August 2018

Successes: The CoolBot helps increase incomes for smallholder farmers by providing reliable cold storage for exporters and associations that source from them. As many as 9,000 smallholder farmers in Guatemala and Honduras will benefit from the increased availability of affordable cold storage. 


Purpose: Commercialize Store It Cold’s CoolBot, the only low-cost alternative to traditional refrigeration in Central America, because cold storage has been too expensive for exporters who source from smallholder farmers.

Approach: The CoolBot attaches to a standard air conditioner to regulate and control the temperature of an insulated room, extending shelf life, maintaining quality, and reducing rejection rates for horticultural crops. Store It Cold is working with PartnerHero, a Honduras-based consultancy business, to establish in country operations and hire knowledgeable and well-trained local staff with an understanding of the market and customers. In Guatemala, Store It Cold signed a distribution agreement with a Guatemalan business, Industrias Servin, to handle its sales of cold store rooms and refrigerated trucks. Store it Cold also has held two launch events and provided 24 demonstrations with its mobile cold storage unit, reaching nearly 1,000 potential customers in Honduras and Guatemala who work in agricultural sectors.

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Farmer Stories

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