Prepare Your Company for Investment


Looking for an extra push to achieve your company’s financial objectives? This section has investor readiness resources and recommendations to help you secure funding to meet your company’s financial goals.

Summary Recommendations

Open Capital Advisors supported Partnering for Innovation over a six-month period to screen partner companies and identify those most suitable for investment. This report includes an overview of the investment readiness process, investor landscape and outreach process guidelines, best practices, and recommendations.


Screening Memo

This is an example from Agro-Input Suppliers Ltd (AISL). It includes a company overview, business plan and growth strategy, financing need, and a path to sustainability. AISL put this memo to attract investors.

Potential Investors’ FAQ

What is your current market size? How does your company plan to maintain a client base? Why do profitability margins remain fairly constant over the next 5 years? These are some of the examples of the many questions investors ask. This document will help you prepare for these questions.


Pitch Perfect: How to Create a Rock Solid Pitch

This presentation will help you perfect your business pitch by perfecting your approach to wooing investors, crafting a pitch, identifying your ask, and telling your product’s story.

Investor Teaser

When pitching your company and your new technology to a potential investor, preparedness is key and a streamlined approach to presenting your company is essential. This example will help you design a presentation for your own company.