Servicios de Post-Cosecha

Partnership period: May 2016 – August 2018

Country: Guatemala

ACHIEVEMENTS: More than 1,400 producers, mostly youths, will have access to improved potato seed to increase their productivity and incomes.

PURPOSE: Increase the use of certified seed by the country’s smallholder farmers. Guatemala is Central America’s largest producer of potatoes, yet only 5 percent of farmers use certified seed.

APPROACH: The program partnership provides a market opportunity for Servicios de Post-Cosecha to introduce new varieties sold under its Papais brand. Servicios de Post-Cosecha, with technical support from the International Potato Center (CIP), will establish a laboratory, nursery, and greenhouse to produce certified seed in the Western Highlands and establish a permanent laboratory there. Servicios de Post-Cosecha and local partners Dayco and the Asociación de Organizaciones de los Cucuhmatanes also will recruit and train seed outgrowers to grow certified seed and will establish direct market access to buyers of the improved seed.