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The Metal

Partnership period: January 2016 – June 2017

Country: Bangladesh

ACHIEVEMENTS: During the program partnership, The Metal established six farm machinery hubs and sold 96 reapers to local service providers who provided reaping services to 4,060 smallholder farmers.

PURPOSE: Establish farm machinery hubs for integrated marketing, education, training, and after-sales services supporting reaper commercialization. On average, it takes six laborers eight hours to manually reap one acre of paddy or wheat, while a reaper can do it in just one hour.

APPROACH: Although reapers are too expensive for a single smallholder farmer to purchase, the concentration of smallholder farmers in a small area provides a lucrative business opportunity for reaping service entrepreneurs. The Metal marketed reapers to local service providers, who offer reaper services to smallholder farmers for a fee. The Metal also managed the post-sale maintenance of the reapers and launched a comprehensive marketing, promotion, and public awareness campaign to showcase the reaper technology at market days and demonstration plots.