Txopela Investments

Partnership period: August 2016 – August 2018

Country: Mozambique

ACHIEVEMENTS: The Sociedade Beneficiamento Sementes (SBS) facility produced and sold 200 tons of improved soy, pigeon pea, sesame, and common bean seeds during the program partnership. SBS customers included 3,600 farmers, of whom 44 percent were women.

PURPOSE: Develop a profitable supplier of certified seed and other agricultural inputs in Mozambique.

APPROACH: Txopela Investments and the cooperative COPAZA invested in the creation of a business called Sociedade Beneficiamento Sementes. With TechnoServe’s support, SBS established a facility for cleaning, grading, storing, and packaging improved seed. SBS distributed other agricultural inputs and provide training, mechanization, offtaking, and other services to smallholder farmers in the Alta Zambezia region.