Zamorano University

Partnership period: April 2015 – June 2017

Country: Honduras

ACHIEVEMENTS: Zamorano sold 10,400 doses of NemaPower to smallholder farmers during the program partnership through its relationship with small producers and four commercial distributors.

PURPOSE: Produce beneficial nematodes to control insect infestations in select horticultural crops.

APPROACH: Zamorano scaled up its production sold 20 times more doses of NemaPower by the end of the partnership. This product costs less than pesticides and reduces infestations by as much as 98 percent in six months. Zamorano created a multistep training program for farmers and leveraged relationships with local cooperatives and businesses that could act as distributors. It also partnered with Walmart to train Walmart’s technicians in using NemaPower. Walmart now orders pest control products from Zamorano’s distributors and trains its outgrowers.